How to write php-based forum

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Hello all.
I'm writing some webapplication and it would be desirable to add the
forum there so the intended people can discuss the problems there.

I'd like to create forum with a structure like a it works in Google

Can anybody advise me some samples how to write php-vased forums?

Thanks in advance.

Re: How to write php-based forum

Assuming you're using mySQL: is a free one, and very popular!

   If you want to build it yourself, start thinking about what
   you want:

      Main categories
         - sub category
            * thread

   Something like that, or something else?
   Do you want a member system with it, etc.?

Greetings frizzle.

Re: How to write php-based forum

To tell the truth, writing a (good) forum would be extremly difficult.
I highly recommend PHPBB, it's great by default and all the mods extend
it beyond belief.

But if you decide to write your own, good luck!

Maybe we'll all be using mblishchBB in 3 years.

Re: How to write php-based forum wrote:
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   I would paraphrase it to say that writing anything good that isin't  
available yet, would be extremely difficult.

   phpBB, miniBB, yaBB, and I guess about tens of other systems exist  
already (220 at hotscripts right now).  Ofcourse, one should always  
practice their Kung-fu, so it will be nice to play around with  
mblishchBB in a few years :-)


Re: How to write php-based forum

Looking forward to mblishchBB!

Re: How to write php-based forum

The downside of using a popular program like phpBB is that you open up
your server to potential attacks through actively exploited
vulnerabilities. People, it seems, have forgotten about the
NeverEverNoSanity worm.

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