how to use stream_filter_append, for zlib?

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   I am trying to decompress some data in a file, from PHP.  It's data that  
has been zlib-compressed on a handheld device and sent wirelessly to the PHP  

I can open the file and read some regular data from it.  When I get to the  
position where my zlib compressed information starts, I make these calls:

$zlib_filter = stream_filter_append($cellfile, 'zlib.inflate',  
$data = fread($cellfile, $thumblength);

Is that the right way to do it?  I am getting this error:

stream_filter_append() [<a  
Filter failed to process pre-buffered data.  Not adding to filterchain.

I put 1 for the compression level, because originally I only compress with  
one pass of the zlib.compress function.  I hope that it is possible to use  
this zlib decompression from some point within a regular file. I do not want  
to go the route of compressing my entire file with gzip.  I appreciate any  
tips on what I might be doing wrong.


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