how to use object as array like in simplexml

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I am new to PHP, and I'm trying to implement something similar to
SimpleXML. The following code demonstrates an example of what I'm
trying to achieve:

$xmlstr = <<<XML
    <foo att="val1">bar1</foo>
    <foo att="val2">bar2</foo>

$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($xmlstr);

echo $xml->foo . "<br>";
echo $xml->foo[0] . "<br>";
echo $xml->foo[1] . "<br>";
echo $xml->foo[1]["att"] . "<br>";

The output of this code is:


What type of object is $xml->foo and how can I create a similar
object? It can be accessed as an array (e.g. $xml->foo[1]). But
echoing it doesn't print "Array" as usual, but rather apparently calls
the __toString method of $xml->foo[0].

Thanks a lot.


Re: how to use object as array like in simplexml wrote:
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You can add this support to your own class by implementing the
ArrayAccess interface.  See

The documentation is pretty poor, but it works something like this - you
implement each of the methods in the interface so that they do the
proper thing according to your access scheme.  Here's a simple example
that just maps object array-style access to an internal array in the object:

class ArrayAccessExample implements ArrayAccess
    private $internal = array();

    public function offsetExists($offset)
        // return true if the offset exists,
        // false otherwise
        return isset($this->internal[$offset]);

    public function offsetGet($offset)
        //return the specified offset
        //what happens if it doesn't exist is
        //up to you (return null, throw exception, etc)

            throw new Exception(
                "Index not defined"

        return $this->internal[$offset];

    public function offsetSet($offset, $value)
        //set data at specified offset
        $this->internal[$offset] = $value;

        //not sure if you have to do this
        //(as in C++ operator overloading) but it doesn't hurt
        return $value;

    public function offsetUnset($offset)
        //unset given offset so that it no longer exists

$obj = new ArrayAccessExample;
$obj[0] = "test";
$obj['foo'] = "bar";


Hope that's helpful,


Re: how to use object as array like in simplexml

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Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for.

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