How to use mysqli object in object, need advise

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I try to use mysqli object instead of standard mysql functions.
Is it ok to create mysqli object within my class or schould I pass
mysqli object to my object.
The problem is, with code below I must call mysqli->connect() each
time I call class methods. How do I create an connection for hole
object, so methods can do queries without connect each time?

Best Regards, Michael


$a = new MyClass();

//here other stuf with connections to other databases


//and so on...


class MyClass{
   var one = '';
   var mysqli = '';

   function __construct(){
    $this->mysqli = new mysqli() //with all needed parameters
  function connectToDB($db){
    $this->mysqli->connect() //with all needed parameters


  function methode1(){
    //my stuff here with mysqli query

  function methode2(){
   / /my stuff here with another mysqli query


Re: How to use mysqli object in object, need advise

Michael wrote:
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First of all, you'll find it easier to derive your class from mysqli.  
You'll then be able to call the mysqli functions directly from your  
program (or override them in your class, as necessary).

For instance, you could create a connect() function with calls  
parent::connect() with the appropriate parameters.

But either way, you should only need to connect when you create a new  
MyClass object.  If you use the same object multiple places in your  
page, you should be able to just keep using the same connection.

Unfortunately, you didn't show us more of the code so we can see what's  
going wrong.

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Re: How to use mysqli object in object, need advise

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Hi Jerry,

thanks for your suggestions. I derive now my class from mysqli class
and it is indeed much better. My problem was, that I needed connection
to DB in __constructor and forget to initiate it. Anyway, it works as
expected now.

Best regards

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