How to use for loop to write to file?

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This has got to be an easy question - for some reason I can't seem to get
this to work.  Is there a better way?  All I want is a quick and dirty way
to populate a file with UNIX time stamps...

$vc = 'viscounter_test.txt';
$avdaily = 5; average daily
$total_count = (365 * $avdaily); //time period = one year
echo $total_count;
$interval = (86400)/$avdaily; //evenly spaced intervals
echo $interval;
$visit = time() - (31536000);
echo $visit;
//$next_time = ($first_time + $interval)
$fp = fopen($vc,"a");
for($i = 1; $i > $total_count; $i++)
 fwrite($fp, $visit."\n");
    $visit = $visit + ($interval * $i);

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