How to use a CMS with PHP

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Hi there,

I have a question. I know some php and mysql. What im looking for is this:

I have created simple website with some pictures and texts in several pages.
I would like to give the owner an option to insert new pictures and replace
texts as easy as possible for the end user.

I know i have to change the code for this, its mostly build in html right
know, think i have to add some php with sql to it.

Does anyone knows a simpel CMS Content Management System for me that i can
use for this webpage, and the application for the enduser to simply add some
pictures and changes some texts?

Maybe some examples or a helpfull url would be great to.  Thanks in
advanced. Jack.

Re: How to use a CMS with PHP

Quoted text here. Click to load it / (havnt tried yet, but looks promising) ( works pretty good - look for ver.3beta with
imagemanager - hmm, site is down, try this )
also, you may want to look into / this just uploads
multiple files, but once they are in the right dir, the user could insert
them into the page.

Maybe you dont need any thing so complicated.  Maybe you could just include
thehtml.php in the page.  Then, make an admin page which reads thehtml.php
into a variable, spits out a form with a text area, pre-populated with the
current text.  The user can edit the text, then submit the form, which goes
to a writethehtml.php.


Re: How to use a CMS with PHP

The trouble with editors, it seems to me, is that they inherently
allow the user to change the way the html appears on a page by
page basis. When manipulated by inexperienced users (as the original
poster suggested) the results are bound to be chaotic.

Another approach (particularly well suited for inexperienced users)
would be to write a program that  generates static pages from recursive

readdir output, where the program is expected to encounter (for the
most part anyway) only images, image caption files and simple text
files, where those files can be uploaded or deleted as needed, from a

If a user creates a hierarchical directory structure, where the various

directories have descriptive names, and if those directories are
populated with images and text files (also with descriptive names)
you can imagine a program that  generates pages automatically,
complete with navigation links generated from the 'descriptive'

Most of the website was generated that
The program I use (site_bot, at actually recognizes
a rich set of allowed file types, that have, for instance, the ability
to generate
remote navigation links, table-enclosed text blocks, html fragments,
framesets, inline frames, etc. Unsophisticated end users can learn
those hotrod  enhancements gradually.  But with simple images, image
caption files and text files they can get started
quickly, by uploading files and then pressing a "generate static html"
Because the pages are generated from code, they tend to end  up
with a coherent look and feel.

Site_bot also has a (somewhat primitive) dynamic stylesheet editor, so
can change font and background colors, table widths, etc...on the fly,
fiddling with colors until they get what they want.

Re: How to use a CMS with PHP

Jack wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

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