How to store session variables between visits?

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My website gathers some data on its first page, which is used on other  
pages. I would like to 'store' the data in some session variables between  
visits, to prevent any problems that may occur if a visitor bookmarks a  
different page.

What is the best way of achieving this? Can I store the values in a cookie  
on the clients pc?

Thanks for any help given

Re: How to store session variables between visits?

Why don't you and petesouthwest (php_king) do your homework together?
At least one of you might learn something. Or are you the same person?
The wording (even down to the puctuation) is exactly the same.

Re: How to store session variables between visits?


My partner (petesouthwest) and I seem to have upset people by asking the  
same questions. We are both humbly sorry for our mistake, we were not aware  
that this group and the Yahoo groups Pete uses have exactly the same  
readership, or that posting the same question twice was morally and  
intellectually unforgivable. In our haste to find answers to our questions  
we have in the past, frequently posted in as many places as possible. In our  
defence this normally results in unduplicated, valuable help. However, in  
the future will restrict our questions to one post.

If someone could take the time to answer our question we would both be very  


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Re: How to store session variables between visits?

On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 11:47:43 +0000, Nicole wrote:

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People are not necessarily "offended" but they probably ARE "annoyed".

1) Don't multipost!

2) Yahoo groups and Google groups use USENET (Well, Google Groups
certainly does!). What is Usenet?

    JDS | jeffrey@example.invalid

Re: How to store session variables between visits?

I posted a reply to this earlier (2-3 hours ago) - can't remember what
I said, and it might turn up sometime, but here's what I said to
petesouthwest (who posted the same petulant message as Nicole, but to
php_king - the only difference being that he said he'd have to go on
holiday while he waited for a reply)

It's not trying to find an answer that is the problem, it's the
cross-posting. If someone takes the time to look at a problem, test the
answer and post it for someone, then I, for one, don't like to find
that I have wasted that time trying to help someone when I discover
that the question has been posted and answered elsewhere. It makes me
wonder how many people are doing the same thing to groups I don't
visit, and eats away at the goodwill and sense of community built up
within the groups.

It also makes one wonder why anyone should bother in the future when a
question is posted and answered in one group and then the same person
(or people) repost it in another - as you have done in the past - the
conclusion is that the answer originally given has not been read - if
it had been read and wasn't the correct answer, why not explain why?

If you are happy cross-posting and don't believe that it reduces the
quantity of detailed answers you get (some lists actually ban people
for persistant cross-posting) and don't believe or don't care about the
damage it may do, then of course you should carry on doing it. And
will, whatever I say.  

Re: How to store session variables between visits?

Ian B wrote:

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In case it is homework: Let's just help him/her.


Good luck!

Erwin Moller

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