How to set variables 'lang' and 'pma_lang' to iso-8859-1 ?

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Hello to you all

I'm a newbie in PHP. I've a trouble with the codage.

When I launch phpinfo() (PHP 4.3.9) through phpmyadmin (2.6.0.rc1 on a  
RedHat Avanced Server 4 update 1), I get in the 'PHP Variables' section :
_REQUEST["lang"] = fr-utf-8
_REQUEST["pma_lang"] = fr-utf-8
_GET["pma_lang"] = fr-utf-8
_COOKIE["pma_lang"] = fr-utf-8

I want to replace fr-utf-8 by fr-iso-8859-1. But I don't know where ?
I've check the in phpmyadmin directory. I've set the  
$cfg['lang'], $cfg['DefaultCharset'] to fr-iso-8859-1, reboot the httpd,  
but the 4 variables above are always the same.

I've check the php.ini, but I've found nothing.

Can you help me please. Where are stored lang and pma_lang variables ?


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