How to send array from a XMLRPC PHP Client to a XMLRPC Java server

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I wan't to use a client PHP XMLRPC with my Java server XMLRPC.

For simple type, all works fine.

But for type like array, my server java lose my parameters !
How can I know if it comes from my PHP client or my Java server ?

here is my code

Client :
$myArray = new xmlrpcval(
    1 => new xmlrpcval("Tom"),
    3 => new xmlrpcval("Dick"),
    5 => new xmlrpcval("Harry")

function executerRequeteHTTP($nomMethode,$args) {
  // construction du client
  $client=new xmlrpc_client($server_path,$server_hostname,$server_port);
  $message=new xmlrpcmsg($nomMethode,$args);
  if (!$result->faultCode()) {
  else {
  return $tab;

Server :
    public void testVector(Vector vec) {
        System.out.println("vec : "+vec);

    public String testVector() {
        return "OK";

testVector() is always executed and I don't know why ...

Could you help me ?


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