How to send an e-mail....

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Need some help...

I have a form and one of the fileds is a users e-mail address

I have the validity set-up and the form now works, accepts data and posts to
a mysql database - that side works great...

I now need to use the e-mail field in the form to send a mail back to the
user who entered the form to let them know registration was a sucess...

How do I do that?

I'm suspect there is not an easy way so a link to a website or code would be

Sorry about the crosspost - but this is an urgent one and I need a quick
answer... i've googled but founf nuthin :(

Thanks in Advance.

Andy Mak

Re: How to send an e-mail....

from Domestos contained the following:

Quoted text here. Click to load it


Geoff Berrow  0110001001101100010000000110

Re: How to send an e-mail....

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Exactly. Put "mail" & "php" into google FFS.

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