How to plug in a variable for BCMath?

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Hello everyone!  I could really use some help with BCMath, which I have
just begun a project with.  I require it's high-accuracy for a
calculator of mine, but I need to plug in a variable.  Now, when I try this:
echo bcmul('1', '$var', 99); // 1;
It doesn't work!  This probably makes sense to you gurus out there, but
I don't know too much about PHP, I'm just starting.  How the heck do you
plug in a variable in BCMath?  One of you experts, PLEASE help me!  The
deadline for the project is coming up soon... and I need the accuracy of
BCMath for a fact!  Thanks, and please reply if you know!

Re: How to plug in a variable for BCMath?

Jackson Scott Peebles wrote:
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That's because you're trying to multiple the string '1' by the string '$var' -  
(the string dollar sign, vee, etc.), not the contents of $var as a string.

$var itself needs to be a string.  If it's a numeric value, you should still get  
automatic conversion to a string.  But if not, you can also use:

   echo bcmul('1', (string)$var, 99);

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