? how to loop through summary query resultset and find the summarized field for a particul...

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I don't know if the subject line makes sense or not but here's what I am
trying to do.

I figured out how to have nested do/while loops to display related items in
a heirarchical structure like below.  However, I want to show the heading
"related books" ONLY IF there are related books.

So I did a summary results set of the related books table but I'm not sure
how to loop through or fetch the summary record to check if there are any
records.  If so, display heading, if not, do not display.

Many thanks for all your help!

Item1    related books
            related book 1298238
            related book 8734s38
Item 2    related books
            related book 8232273
            related book 0093838
            related book 8261253

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