How to keep or save some display options on Quanta

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I'm using Quanta Plus 3.3.1 in Fedora Core 3 for my PHP editing, and
I'm having a problem having it save my program settings.

For example, I select "Show Line Numbers" and "Show Icon Border" and if
I close and reopen the program, they're gone. I've looked all around
for ways to save profile, or save settings, or the like and can't find
anything like that.

What am I missing?

On a less important note, I also can't find a way to cascade the main
window with the left-side windows for Document Structure, Scripts, etc.
When I click on one, it opens a window on top of the main window, and
then becomes completely obscured when I go back to the main window. I
know it's possible, I've seen it set up to allow the left side windows
to have a small constantly open window side-by-side with the main
window. But I've looked all over, and I see no way to do it.
Any pointers on what I'm missing, I'd appreciate. =)


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