how to custom a session_expire

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php version: 5.1
mysql version: 5.0
here's my problem.
i hava a MIS ...administrator's account could allocate each system
user's life-time,
it's if the user don't make any operation in this system for how many
minutes which has been allocated by administrator.   the system will
automatic exit.

there's an item in the php.ini as
; Document expires after n minutes.
session.cache_expire = 180

if i have to use session to judge if system should automatic exit ,and
one of the users his account's life-time over 180...
what can i do to let the session alive...

user_login -> check if id and password correct -> [yes] store his id
and basic info into $_session
each time he request a operation...check if his ID is unexpired so he
can continue his operation.

hope someone can understand my poor english.

Re: how to custom a session_expire

On or about 7/6/2006 5:30 AM, it came to pass that  
Quoted text here. Click to load it
You can set the time for the Session to expire using  
session_set_cookie_params, however that leaves the cookie available  
after the browser exits and you must do the validation you mention.

Assuming the cookie lifetime is defaulted to the browser lifetime(it  
gets deleted when the browser closes), an easier way IMHO is to set your  
own timer as a session variable. Example: for a ten minute non-usage  
timeout: (g
if (isset($_SESSION['$Server_time']) && (time() -  
$_SESSION['$Server_time']) > 600)
   $_SESSION = array(); //break this session, clear variables
// delete session or whatever here if needed

$_SESSION['$Server_time'] = time(); //time in seconds

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