How to create a password protection and expires it?

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I'm totally totally new to php and won't be developing any php-based
app or the like and my use of php or the like would be limited to
support a web site that supports php.  Hence, I'm taking the short cut
of not trying to learn php, in the meantime, probably I'm able to read
php code for I have a familiarity with other server side scripting

Now here's my need:
Create a simple password protection for either a directory or a
specific file on a web site and make it expire in 24 hours and the
solution is repeatable (an ability to repeat this process).

Could any of you show me some sample code for this task?

Thank you very much in advance.

Re: How to create a password protection and expires it?

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Can't provide you with code (but I am for hire), but can provide you
with a scheme to do this.  It depends on the web server you use to serve
your web site.  The flow is something like

1) customer buys product that is manually verified
2) vendor runs procedure on web site which creates product delivery
directory, stores downloadable file(s) into it, adds password entry into
.htaccess file in that directory, adds customer's info into a database,
and sends info to customer's email address
3) every day at 1am (or pick your time), a job runs on the web server's
system that looks for directories in the customer delivery directory
older than 2 days (to provide some wiggle room).  If any are found,
delete them and their contents.  OR the job changes the .htacess file to
not allow access to the directory.

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Re: How to create a password protection and expires it?

blabla12345 wrote:
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If you want something like this, we can help you - but we won't do your
job for you.  You can either learn PHP and do it yourself, or hire
someone to do it for you.

We like to eat, also!

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