How to Clear Cache

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Hello Group,

I have a php file which will list the pending
task for each developer. If the developer
changes some thing it will update to database.
Once the user clicks the update button it shows
the another page and there will be button back to
list of pending task. It will again fetch from database.

At the second time if user update some other data. It giving
me the old data list also.

Anyone Pls suggest me how to clear the cache in PHP.

I used ClearStatCache() this is not working. And also I added

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">
<META HTTP-EQUIV="expires" CONTENT="0"> in my php file.

Re: How to Clear Cache

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Don't try to fix the symptoms, fix the real problem. You simply can't
clear a cache in a browser.

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Don't use those silly equivs if you can use the real http headers.
Setting the expires header in the past should normally be enough.

You could send a correct last-modified header (which you have to store
somewhere (might already be in the database)) and check if a client
does a conditional request (if-not-modified-since IIRC).

You should take a look at chapter 13 and 14.9 of the HTTP 1.1 protocol
(rfc 2616) to find out how to control/prevent/hint caching.

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