How to apply mask on .swf in PHP?

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Hi every one,

Nowadays, I am working in Ming.
I have already put lots of data in the .swf file (350 * 420 ...
dimensions of SWFMovie) in the form of TextFields and Images. I did it
through an ActionScript string that was added at once into the
SWFMovie object through ming functions. I have loaded the .swf files
through SWFPrebuilClip class. Now I want to apply mask on this .swf.
In fact I want to split this .swf into smaller .swf files through

Can any body help on urgent basis?

Re: How to apply mask on .swf in PHP?

Shahid wrote:
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Hi Shahid,

Until your post I have never even heard of Ming so I had to look it up

Your post is not off topic , but I doubt many people here are using
this.Considering the lack of User Contributed notes and the experimental
  status of Ming in php

Correct me if I'm wrong but Ming is a new module that lets you generate
a swf flash 4 compatible file from php.

Although this could be a nifty feature if I used flash or could be
bothered to learn it, its hard to even begin to answer your question.
Personally if I was using flash I would use a proper development tool
from adobe and do it separately from php. You could come up with lots of
interesting problems when having a runtime scripted language ( php )
generating a static compiled object using another language (swf) ,
however I would avoid it myself.

If none here answers this for you my suggestion is checking the Ming lib
page for help /


Re: How to apply mask on .swf in PHP?

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Thanks for your response. Actually I converted MS Word .doc file
to .html through AbiWord a commandline utility(using it from PHP).
AbiWord is configured over my local server, so I can use it from
command line to convert .doc files to .html. Then I got a SAX parser
to parse .HTML from I have successfully parsed and
converted the text and images into .swf in the way I described in my
previous post. Now I need to split this .swf into smaller .swf, in
fact, I want to perform paging of these .swf files. So, please help me
around this. I have been looking for the solution over the web for
many days but I couldn't find any help or tutorial in this way to mask
or split an swf file in PHP/Ming.

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