How does safe_mode_exec_dir work?

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The manual ( ) says  
only this about safe_mode_exec_dir:

 > If PHP is used in safe mode, system() and the other functions
 > executing system programs  refuse to start programs that are not in
 > this directory. You have to use / as directory separator on all
 > environments including Windows.

But what effect does this variable actually have - will this directory  
automatically be the "local" directory for system calls?

For example, if it is set to /home/php-safe, and this directory contains  
the program "":

Will this work?

 > system("/home/php-safe/");

And will this?

 > system("");

Also, if the program is not in this directory, but in the parent  
directory, will this be blocked as it should?

 > system("../");


Re: How does safe_mode_exec_dir work?

Christoph Burschka wrote:
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I never used this myself, but I would guess system("/"); would be  
the right way to call the script.

Why not test?



Re: How does safe_mode_exec_dir work?

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 03:40:08 -0800, Christoph Burschka  

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Safe mode is going to be removed, eventually. Why do you need it on?


Re: How does safe_mode_exec_dir work?

Curtis schrieb:
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I don't need it, my host does. ;)

And, strictly speaking, not *my* host either - privately, I have  
everything I could wish for, self-compiled PHP 5.2.0, MySQL 5.1, shell  
access and no safe mode in sight.

At work, I labour with PHP 4.4, MySQL 4.0, safe mode and WebDAV access  
only. Go figure...


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