How do I know that PHP is running

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I'm having a problem running a simple printer friendly script written in
    PHP. I'm not sure whether the problem is with apache 1.3 or with the
scripts. I updated apache's config file httpd.conf to include the
directives for running PHP as a loaded module and as CGI as noted in the
  documentation at

# Add to the end of the LoadModule section
LoadModule php4_module "c:/php/sapi/php4apache.dll"

# Add to the end of the AddModule section
AddModule mod_php4.c

I did both and Apache doesn't like it. It can't compile it. It says that
the php4apache.dll cannot be loaded because it cannot be found.

I have adjusted the windows directory conventions to include forward
slashes and such but no luck.

I'm running XP with IIS off (naturally of course) and apache 1.3. Apache
works nicely on the XP. But I can't seem to get a simple php file to
work. Where do you think is the problem?

Re: How do I know that PHP is running

Frank Conte wrote:
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Might be a stupid question, but have you checked whether the file exists
at all?

If you installed php to a different directory than c:\php you have to
adapt the path.

And make sure to download and install the zipped version of php because
the installer version does not contain the server modules at all! See
the download page of php:

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Windows Binaries
All Windows binaries can be used on Windows 98/Me and on Windows

PHP 4.3.9 zip package [6,953Kb] - 22 Sep 2004
(CGI binary plus server API versions for Apache, Apache2 (experimental),
ISAPI, NSAPI, Servlet and Pi3Web. MySQL support built-in, many
extensions included, packaged as zip)
md5: c4a4c349e729b339a27c72abe833c58d

PHP 4.3.9 installer [1,045Kb] - 22 Sep 2004
(CGI only, MySQL support built-in, packaged as Windows installer to
install and configure PHP, and automatically configure IIS, PWS and
Xitami, with manual configuration for other servers. N.B. no external
extensions included)
md5: 4a2af567ba607e40e4ca4e58adba5cc0
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I'm using Apache 2.0.52 with PHP and SSL and everything works great on


Re: How do I know that PHP is running

Dear Anonymous.

I manually installed PHP as per instructions. The installer version
didn't include APACHE. Come to think of it, the problem may have
something to do with php.ini. The recommended version is there. Another
thing is that PHP.NET's documentation says something about the
4.3.9-Win32 package unzipping to a folder under C:/php What it does is
upon extracting create a folder under C: php4.3.9-Win32.

Perhaps I should try Apache 2.0 and PHP 5?


Anonymous wrote:
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