How do I Edit a list of files associated with a product ?

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-I wrote a script that you use it to add products in the database.
-Each product is associated with files.
-In the Form to add the product you have to enter the product name in a  
textfield and below there are $no_of_add_file filefields.
$no_of_add_file  is an integer that determines  the Maximum number of  
filefields that you want to associate/add for each product.

So it succesfully adds the product and the files in a database and the  

The problem I am trying to solve is how am I going to edit those files in  
the product.
If you know what I mean... and you have done something like that or you know  
a url or script that does that, pls let me know.
What I need mostly, is not the PHP code but the logic and what are the  
possible ways of doing something like that.

In the database i have two tables that this script needs:
One is the products and the other the files.

Products : product_id, product_name
Files : file_id, file_name, product_id

I hope that helps.  

Re: How do I Edit a list of files associated with a product ?

Angelos wrote:
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Just build an edit command with the selected file name and  
execute it.  Haven't tried it, but something along the lines of:

exec ( "vi" $filename )

This example would assume you are using the vi editor and that  
you have stored the full path and name of the file to bne edited  
in $filename.

Oh, you better check out the syntax for the exec command since  
it has additional parameters.  Also check out the system and  
back tick commands.


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