how can i read .doc files

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hi all,
        Here is a small doubt with which iam struggling,The problem is
how can i read .doc files and display content in browser in php.ok i
have done it with file() and file _get_contents() but iam getting
content with some meta characters like boxes etc. please solve this
problem and reply me immediately it i surgent.

Thanks & Regards
Kalyan Kumar R

Re: how can i read .doc files

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This sounds like you are demanding that I solve your problem. That is
rude. Replying to you instead of to the group only helps you instead of
helping everybody else who has this problem. That is also rude.
Expressing that your problem is more important than other problems
because it is urgent, is rude. Furthermore, if it is urgent, you
probably have a client which is in a hurry. That implies that you are
making money. If you are making money and we are not, asking us to
solve your problem is even more rude.

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On Windows: COM (only with PHP5) or ShareOffice.
On Linux: antiword

Re: how can i read .doc files

On Fri, 21 Apr 2006 09:08:59 -0700, Sjoerd wrote:
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Take a chill pill, man!

As you've taken the time to point out the errors in the OP's request and
how rude it is, maybe you should have taken the time time to read that
they wrote "reply me" rather than "email me" or "send me a reply" and
realised that maybe the OP's not fluent in English and given him a degree
of latitude in his phrasing.  

Maybe you could have even given him the benefit of the doubt, that he's
translated his native tongue in to English and some of the polite
subtleties have been lost along the way.

To the OP: another way is to use the wv* tools, which are available on
Linux and Windows.



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