How can I get session variable names

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Hello Everybody

I have a big problem. Please guide me.

Is there any way through which I can get what session variables are
created in the session.

Suppose there are two pages. Page A and page B

Page A has a link for page B

When a person clicks link of Page B on Page A, he should get the list
of all session variables and there values.

Is this possible?

Also is it necessary that Page A should also be in php. Will it work
if it is java.


Re: How can I get session variable names

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Yes, just show the contents of $_SESSION. With a foreach-loop can build  
you nicely formatted results.

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In short: page A should be in PHP.

This is not a really absolute statement, however. PHP knows a "session  
handler" which can be configured. You could theoretically write a  
session handler that can read the java session, but you will have to do  
some research on how to do it...
If you go that way, it may even be easier to use plain file handling (or  
whatever mechanism java is using) and read java's session file. I do not  
know how java stores session values.

Best regards.

Re: How can I get session variable names wrote:
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 From php:

<?php session_start(); ?>



Of course you can neaten it up by enumerating your $_SESSION array, i.e.  
with foreach().

To do it in Java, try a java newsgroup.

And if you're talking about sharing session values in PHP and Java, I  
don't think you can do it with the default handlers.  But I haven't  
tried, either.

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