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Can anyone refer me to a good hosting provider?  I'm looking for a  
reseller plan with PHP 5, MySql 5, 24 x 7 support, and most importantly,  
a solid uptime record.

Customer referrals only, please.


Re: Hosting Referral

Scott wrote:
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just curious - but why not host it yourself?  A good PC with Linux and a  
battery-backup unit and a BUSINESS DSL or Cable account does the trick.  
  Then you are not at the mercy of the provider.  I have an OpenVMS and  
Linux server that has been running via DSL for 7+ years now - via  
Dynamic DNS no less... (DHCP IP address).

Re: Hosting Referral

noone wrote:
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1. Many cable/dsl providers do not allow web hosting on their systems,  
even with a business line.
2. Upstream speed is typically much lower than downstream - ok for a  
browser but not a server
3. Even if they are the same, no cable/dsl provider provides the same  
speed as any competent data center.
4. No backup links.
5. No backup generators
6. No one to restart the site should it crash when you're not home (or  
worse yet, just left on a two week vacation),
7. The hosting company maintains the servers (applies patches, etc.),  
saving me time.
8. Many mail users are filtering email from DHCP addresses due to SPAM  
problems (open relays)

Need I keep going?

I would NEVER host it myself on a cable/dsl connection, even if my ISP  
allowed it.  A good data center results in more faster speeds, higher  
uptime and in general a more reliable service.  And if my time is worth  
anything at all, it saves me money.  The cost of hosting for a month  
doesn't pay for 5 minutes of my time.  And I could easily spend more an  
hour or two each month just researching patches and maintaining the system.


For suggestions on where to look, try .  
There's a lot of people (mostly resellers) advertising there, but skip  
those.  Rather, look for the user reviews to see what others think about  
particular hosting companies.

Then ask your question there and just ignore the sales pitches you'll  
get.  A bit of a hassle sometimes, but still the best resource I've  
found for hosting recommendations.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Hosting Referral

Thanks Jerry.


Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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Re: Hosting Referral

Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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I understand all of these and all are valid.  Unless you are expecting  
hundred of hits/minute most DSL/Cable connections are more than  
sufficient. The downside of a hosting service is that you have no  
control over their systems.

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If you run a real O/S (like OpenVMS) Patches are few and far between. :)  
   IIRC, there have been no security related CERTS for the OpenVMS  
operating system for more than 10 years (1994 seems to come to mind)  
There were couple patches on Apache (I think) but only theoretical -  
nothing that ever got hacked...

Square that with the hundreds on Windows and Linux in just the last year.

...will they ever learn..oh.. will they ever learn...

Re: Hosting Referral

noone wrote:
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Unless you use a hosting company that provides you with your own virtual  
machine, like

That's what I'd go for if I wanted 24x356 operation and no hassle.  As  
it is, I don't so I host my own.

Ian Collins.

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