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I have a web form to collect player data from team leaders.

Problem 1

Each team leader may enter individual data for any ammount of others. Each  
time the form is submitted I am clearing the field which also clears the  
team leader's name. What I want is a way of holding the initial field (team  
leaders name) whilst in session. I think I can do this with a php variable.  
Cant quite grasp the syntax

Problem 2
On submit I intend sending the data to my email address and to a mysql  
database. Whats a simple way for me to get the mysql database to email me a  
csv file from the database? Can I do this with PHP code from the website

Garry Jones

Re: Hold value

Garry Jones wrote:

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Hi Garry,

From the receiving script (= the script named in the action of the form) you  
can retrieve a POST value as follows:
$teamname = $_POST["teamname"];

If you want to 'recyle' that name, just give it as a value to the  
corresponding formfield:
<input type="text" name="teamname" value="<?= $teamname ?>">

If you need to pass around a variable from script to next script, you can  
use a session.

It is all here:

In short:
- put a variable in a session:
$_SESSION["teamname"] = $teamname;

from another script:
$_SESSION["teamname"] now contains the value you put into it.

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That are two different thing.
I suggest that your receiving script first does a database insert, and then  
mails the results (as csv or whatever suits you) to your mainadress.
Look up at www.php.net the mail function.

Erwin Moller

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Re: Hold value

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This is reasonably straightforward code. I would suggest that you could
same time by installing phpMyAdmin and have that produce the csv.

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