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Are there any tools that would support higher level application
development with PHP? I need to develop a complex enterprise app, but I
don't want my programmers to waste their time on low level functionality
such as input validation, interface aspects and database interaction.

Even a simple interface to our customer database requires a lot of
effort in coding input and processing pages, while this is all standard
functionality that must have been created a zillion times before.

I don't like Microsoft, but it seems that they are the only who offer
drag n click application development tools.

Any suggestions?


Re: Higher level application development

Willem wrote:
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You might want to check out Tony Marston's three-tier development



Re: Higher level application development

Willem wrote:

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It's still at an early stage of development but you might want to take a
look at PfP Studio http://pfp-studio.sourceforge.net / - a RAD form building
tool. This is only one part of the puzzle - I'll eventually get round to
integrateing authentication and access controls, along with a templating

I had a look some time ago for tools to speed up development of business
information systems. Although there are more CMS and frameworks out there
for PHP than you can shake a stick at, they're mostly slashdot-type news
publishing systems and not very apposite to this kind of application - the
authentication usually is built-in and doesn't allow fine grained control.
The templating systems are overkill. And difficult to integrate new
functionality. Which is why I started writing my own solution.

(but I'm happy to be proved wrong)



Re: Higher level application development

Hello Colin,

Colin McKinnon wrote:
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It looks very promising! But I'm affraid I need a finished, solid and
stable product. Do you know of any commercial alternatives? I'll happily
invest in a good RAD tool, if I only knew any...

Re: Higher level application development

Try looking at the cmsmatrix.org for projects.  All those CMS thingys
are complex and a sweet spot for PHP,   find out what they're doing.
Never seen such an outburst of creativity for cool web apps before
LAMP.  Java never made that happen... you could do dotNet I suppose.

Tried making sense out of one of their portal frameworks(MonoX) and
couldn't make head nor tails of it.  And I'm trained on BEA's mammoth
portal.  If I can't make sense out of a dotnet portal then what?

Re: Higher level application development

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Not I know of. You see things like the Horde framework
(http://www.horde.org /). But nothing that's used widely.

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A typical Microsoft application framework works like: it allows you to
develop 90% of your program in 1/10th of the time, but makes the remaining
10% ten times as hard; so you actually end up spending more time :-)

Re: Higher level application development

Chung Leong wrote:

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Hi Chung!

That is exacly why with the phpPeanuts framework the application
developer uses php code for everything: it allows him to extend and
override the framework in unexpected ways.

(But i guess you already knew ;-) )


Henk Verhoeven,

Re: Higher level application development

Hi - take a look at Dabo - http://dabo.leafe.com ..
The underlying framework is python [errr. not really what you've asked
about] ..
mondo regards [Bill]
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