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I'm using the DOMDocument::loadHTML() method and it throws some

DOMDocument::loadHTML() [function.loadHTML]: htmlParseEntityRef:
expecting ';' in Entity, line: 579

DOMDocument::loadHTML() [function.loadHTML]: Unexpected end tag : b in
Entity, line: 24

I believe these warnings are due to the loose formating of HTML so at
this point I'm not worried about them. (should I be?) I can use an
.htaccess file or settings in php.ini to hide these warnings, but I was
wondering if there was a better way. I was thinking I could use
error_reporting() to change the level before the loadHTML function and
then set it back. Any thoughts or suggestions?


Re: Hiding warnings

deciacco wrote:
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Use the @ operator, it supresses all errors related from the statement.

@implode("foo", "bar"); won't give any warnings, errors, notices, etc.
It also affects subcalls (so a function within a function won't display

This also means that @include('file'); won't display parse errors,
it'll just die silently.

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