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Hello ,

hey i need to send some information to php file that is i have more
then one ip address in my page that all r herf liked to show.php that
when u click on the any of the ip the show.php will display
i want to send any ip that the link is selected with click the link to
how do this thing,
well i have an table with the radio button and it's working fine but i
m try that with single link that is herf link. some body help...


Re: herf link to php page

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If I'm understanding you correctly you have something like this:

<a href=" ">Foo</a>
<a href=" ">Bar</a>
<a href=" ">Baz</a>

And, when someone clicks on these links, you want show.php to be able
to determine which IP address was used.

There's probably a better way to solve your problem, but, given what
you have, you should be able to get it inside show.php using

Re: herf link to php page

Hey thanks for reply here my code that i told u i m using a table and
radio button that's working for me

<TITLE> Search Key </TITLE>
$key = $_POST["searchkey"];
//echo $key;
foreach ($_POST as $field => $value)
echo "$field = $value<br>";
 $con = odbc_connect('MSAccessDriver','','');
 $sql =  "select Sys_IP_Add from System_Master";
 $cur= odbc_exec($con,$sql);
 <form method="post" action="show.php">
        //$name= odbc_result( $cur, 2 );
        //$ip = odbc_result( $cur, 1 );
        $ip = odbc_result( $cur,1);
        echo "<br>";

        <input type="radio" group="ipadd" name = "addr" value=<?$ip?><? echo
$ip; ?></input>
        <? echo $ip; ?>
<input type ="submit" value="Show" name="Show">
it working fine but all i need is just one click and show.php that get
ip which selected and show the detail that is DB with this ip


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