Help with Writing Unicode into MySQL via PHP

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Hello All,

I am trying to fix PHP code developed by somebody else and my
knowledge of PHP is very limited so I'd appreciate any help.

I have a MySQL database configured to accept UTF-8 in all fields.

When I update the database with Unicode via phpMyAdmin web interface I
am able to write and save unicode values in all fields.

However when i try to update the database via web I am not

For example, if I enter "=C4=8D=C4=87=C4=91=C5=A1=C5=BE" into the field I am=
 updating this will
be saved: "=C3=84=C2=8D=C3=84=E2=80=A1=C3=84=E2=80=98=C3=85=C2=A1=C3=85=C2=

The code used to write into the db is as follows:


if ($_REQUEST['v'] =3D $_REQUEST['verification']) {
    $record = array(
        'c_word_id'            =3D> $_REQUEST['word_id'],
        'c_author_name'        =3D> $_REQUEST['name'],
        'c_author_email'    =3D> $_REQUEST['email'],
        'c_datetime'        =3D> strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', strtotime('now')),
        'c_text'            =3D> $_REQUEST['comment_text']

    $db = NewADOConnection('mysql');
    $insertSQL = $db->AutoExecute('gim_comments', $record, 'INSERT');

You can see how the site behaves here: =



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