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I have the following code that works in php 4.0.6 but does not work in

I get the following error: Call to undefined function: read()

 function bufRead($len, $err = 0)
                        echo "In bufRead(), $len = $len<br>\n";

                $buf = "";
                $inBytes = 0;
                        $buf = "";
                        $inBytes += read($this->m_socket->getSocket(),
$buf, $\
                        if($inBytes < 0) $inBytes = 0;
                        $ibuf .= $buf;
                }while((SOCKET_ALWAYS_NONBLOCK == 1) && (strlen($buf)
< $len) &\
& ($err != 1));

Can someone help me out here. I would prefer not to upgrade to php 5
as that would require pretty much a complete rewrite of this script.
This is someone else script I'm trying to adapt which has not been
maintained since 2002



Re: Help with read() function

zagman wrote:
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Why are you still using 4.x?  It's been unsupported for almost a year
now.  And it should not require a complete rewrite of the script -
unless the script is pretty bad to start with (in which case it would
benefit from a complete rewrite).  Almost all of my code has transferred
over with no changes.

As for the lack of a read() function - there is none in PHP.  You need
to figure out what you installed to get it, and install that on the new
(?) server.

It doesn't exist in PHP5, either.

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