Help with PHP File Upload Issue

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I am attempting to upload files via. PHP 4.4.4.  The
'$_FILES['update']['tmp_name'][0]' resolves to '/tmp/phpey9MpD', but
when I go to the /tmp dir.  I do not see any php* file.  

Could this be a issue with PHP or unix permissions for the web server?

Do I need to set an absolure dir. in the INI to make this work?

Confused as this works fine under another system with PHP 5.x.

============== (the html upload form) ===============
name="upload" action="admin_test.php" method="post"
type="hidden" name="what" value="process">  
cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="90%" align="center">

<td class="reg">1. </td>

<td class="reg"><input type="File" name="update[]" size="15"></td>

<td class="reg">2. </td>

<td class="reg"><input type="File" name="update[]" size="15"></td>

<td align="right">&nbsp;</td>  

<td><input class="button" type="submit" name="loginbtn"

Re: Help with PHP File Upload Issue

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temp files are deleted when the script finishes executing so unless you run  
the script through a loop to give you a chance to see it unlikely you will  
ever see the file.  

Re: Help with PHP File Upload Issue

/tmp/phpey9MpD is the temporary file name for your uploaded file. You
must copy or move the temporary file to other directory immediatelly.
You can't find that file in /tmp because after the script run, php will
delete the temporary file.

use move_uploaded_file() function to handle the upload file.


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