Help with php array loading/retrieval ???

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Fellow PHP'ers;

I'm digging myself a hole on this one so I thought it has come to the
time when I must ask those who know.

I have what should be a simple question for loading, accessing and
retrieving values stored in a simple one-dimensional array.

I am simply trying to determine the occurrence of numbers as they
appear in a file.  For example lets assume the lowest allowed value is
(00) and the highest allowed value is (35) and the numbers could occur
from zero to n times over the course of a period of time.

The problem I am having is referencing the array elements as strings
but it appears in reality its being references as a vector/index.

I am creating the array with:


then I am incrementing the count with:

  $X=the number I've parsed from the file;

then at the end I am using a for loop to print it out:

  for($X=0;$X<=highest_allowed_value;$X++) {
    print $X, $array_name[$X];

Of course, my field names are different and I think that the
references to the $X in the brackets are being interpreted as numeric
vectors but when I try to convert them to a string and use them it
also fails.

Can someone PLEASE set me straight on the proper technique to
accomplish this?   As much as I've used PHP over the years I usually
have no issues with arrays except when I need strict numeric indexing.
Go figure.

Corrections?  Suggestions?  Advise?   Anyone??

Thank you so much.

Signed:  Frustrated PHP'er...  

Re: Help with php array loading/retrieval ???

bobmct wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Seems fine to me:

    '00', '20', '14', '00', '29',
    '14', '35', '20', '03', '06'
foreach($read as $x) $new[$x]++;

    [00] => 2
    [20] => 2
    [14] => 2
    [29] => 1
    [35] => 1
    [03] => 1
    [06] => 1

The key here is to be sure that the values in the $read array are
strings when pulled from the file. (Use var_dump() to check it out.)

Justin Koivisto, ZCE -

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