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I am a scientific programmer new to PHP.  I am trying to design an
application that allows data to be input over the web via php to a
mysql database and retrieved and displayed.  The server runs apache on
a linux box.  There must be some templates or such-like for this simple
sort of thing (what I am trying to do is purely functional rather than
pretty)?  Any ideas where to look, which book to buy?  Also considering
paying for someone else to do it - we are in the Oxford, UK area.

Thanks in advance


Re: help with php

While we'd be happy to do it for you, you'll probably be able to get
good help locally (we're in Colorado, US, and nobody want to work with
us yanks anyway).

You could also do it yourself. Abbreviated:
1) Create a form in html, whose action is the url of the php script
that will talk to the db.
2) Create a php script that receives the request, adds it to the db,
and displays your result.

Simple, huh!<g>

For a book that caters to your situation, I suggest
( product link shortened)
(PHP: Your Visual Blueprint..." from Visual Press)

Yong wrote:
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Re: help with php contained the following:

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It's not a big job and won't cost much though, as  I don't think it
warrants a personal visit, Newcastle under Lyme might as well be

Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
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Re: help with php

Geoff Berrow wrote:
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If I gave you a detailed specification, could you give me a price?

Re: help with php wrote:
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I think any experienced developer could give you a price if you have a  
detailed spec.

The key is to find one that's experienced and reliable.  You have to be  
very careful to avoid things like SQL injection which can destroy your  

New programmers are good, but don't always have the experience needed to  
understand the possible attacks and how to avoid them.  More experienced  
programmers are more likely to be able to predict and prevent possible  

And if it's important to you, don't necessarily go on price.  I've seen  
some great code by "inexpensive" programmers, and some crappy code by  
"expensive" programmers.  But given everything else equal, the better  
programmers generally command a higher price.

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Re: help with php says...
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Purely at a database rather then form level?  Google phpmyadmin.

Form based? Check out:

Geoff M

Re: help with php

the first step is to setup:
  1- Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  2- Test it.
  3- Write the HTML and include a FORM in there
    3.A: use the 'action'  attribute and the
      method='GET/POST(Google the difference)'.
    3.B: Give each control you want processed a name.
  4- Write the php script to read the $_POST &|| the
     $_GET vars.
     4.A: Connect to mysql.
     4.B: Select the table. read each row <== not in every case
     4:C: spit out html.

Hope this helps

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Re: help with php

mark babli wrote:
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Thanks to everybody who responded to the original thread.  After some
background reading I think I can struggle through until at least
getting to the stage where i can offer the work to someone whilst
knowing what i am talking about!


Re: help with php

We all learn from one another :^)

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