Help using the streamforensics data minion dsve with php exec()

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We found a reference to this validation engine in this group and
installed it on our web site.
It works great so now we want to use it for our other stuff too so we
are learning PHP to do it with.

Unfortunately their support forum is offline at the moment and we're
I've cut some code out of their automatically generated stuff we used
on the web site but I can't make it work.

I've reduced it to the minimum as someone suggested. This is what I'm
trying to do with an offline order form.
The form is identical to what we use on the web site but I can't get
it to work. What should happen is it
passes the template to the minion program which validates the form and
cleans it for us then returns
a path to a file.

function validate_order_form()
  exec('minion -f1minion.pct#minion.txt##', $response);

But all I get in $response is the word "array()"
I tried doing print_r($respnse) but that didnt help

If you need details on "data minion" its at
but I think thats ok anyway as the web site uses the same program and
that works fine. Its probably me as I'm new to PHP.

Thank you
(Not online yet)

Re: Help using the streamforensics data minion dsve with php exec()

In article <93adbf58-3f7d-49c4-b5af->, says...
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I'm still looking for that minion compatible shopping cart if anyone has  
any ideas.

It was propably my message you saw carol - you havn't come acroos a cart  
have you?

To answer your question:
Check out the the PHP exec() function - I think you need another  
parameter in there. (I've only used their pForms program to autogenerate
my code so far so havn't used minion manually yet but that looks like  
your problem to me.)  


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