Help please with PHP/MySQL Install Problem

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I'm trying to setup PHP5 on a test server at work. I removed PHP 4 and setup  
PHP5 as a clean install. I did the manual install per the instructions.

The machine run Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0. I have 2 annoying issues:

No matter what I do, when I look at phpinfo() it reports that it is reading  
the php.ini file from c:\windows. Even though I have made all the ini file  
adjustments, put in the registry change, etc. it still won't read the  
php.ini from c:\php.

Even more problematic, though, is I cannot get MySQL integration to work. I  
went through dozens of posts on the main PHP website and did all of the  
troubleshooting elements. C:\php and C:\php\ext are both in my path. Other  
extensions from C:\php\ext load up fine, but when I "activate" (i.e.  
uncomment the extension line) for MySQL, PHP no longer loads up pages (even  
one that does no database interaction).

When I look at the production screen I get an error message that basically  
says (sorry, left the exact wording on a sheet at work), "Unable to process  
file c:\php\ext\php_mysql.dll"

The file is in the directory noted above. I though the file might have  
gotten corrupted, so I copied over a fresh version. Same problem.

At this point I'm going crazy. Can anyone suggest a solution?


Re: Help please with PHP/MySQL Install Problem


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Remove the php.ini file from C:\windows

It finds that file by checking certain directories first per your web  

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What version of mysql are you using?  If you are using 4.1 use the  


Re: Help please with PHP/MySQL Install Problem

Thanks for your help. See below.

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If I move that file so that it is not present in that location and pull up a  
phpinfo() file, it still tells me it is looking in C:\windows.

If I put a php.ini file in C:\Windows, it reports the ini location as  
C:\windows\php.ini, if I delete the file from that location and put it in  
C:\php, it then reports it is reading the ini file from C:\windows. (Notice  
the difference.)

I can't get it to find the ini file anywhere but in C:\windows.

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I'm not following that part. How does the web server come into play as far  
as where it checks for the .ini file?

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I'll give that a shot. Thanks for the info.


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