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I need somebody
Not just anybody
You know I need someone (with PHP/MySQL knowledge)

You may have noticed the famous Beatles song with some less well-known
lyrics. But the pertinent problem is that I need help with both PHP and
MySQL. I have a project (which I referred to in a lengthy post entitled
"help/opportunity"). Basically, I'm reforming a paradigm in content
management. I want to have "more intelligent" data. The cornerstone is
a database system for storing data and functions inside a database. PHP
calls these functions from the database which in turn call data and/or
more functions. If you have experience in this, wish to place
suggestions and comments, or have questions, please post a reply, IM me
(cnerd2025), or email me (andrew_dot_elgert_at_gmail_dot_com or
cnerd2025_at_gmail_dot_com). I have so far gotten a few emails from
very helpful people, and would love to expand the community of

--Drew Elgert

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