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I'm working on a new sort of content management system that will be I
hope a major improvement over content management systems of today. I am
using a MySQL database to store data and functions and PHP to translate
those into web pages. I am proficient with PHP, but I am weaker in
database design. I could really use some help. I am trying to create a
database that replaces files and file system components. I plan for the
PHP system to be a prototype. I plan to later write the first version
in a lower-level language such as C. In the later versions, I'd still
like to use a RDMS. "If the shoe fits, wear it." If you are interested
or can help me, do not hesitate to IM (cnerd2025) me or to email me
(cnerd2025_at_gmail_dot_com or andrew_dot_elgert_at_gmail_dot_com).

I am very enthusiastic about this project and I would be willing to
share many details about it to any interested parties. I am rather
biased, but I believe this in addition to the rest of this system is
somewhat revolutionary in this young web.
Thank all!


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