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I am a PHP developper. I was thinking of writing a blogging software
that would use public blogging services like to store
the data.

But before starting on to do so I would like to know if someone has
done stuff like this already.

Any suggestions about current blogging systems, that can be modified
easily do adapt to this concept, are welcomed with thanks.

Thanks in advance.
Bye Bye.

Mir Nazim

Re: Help needed wrote:
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Is there something more to the concept that is not apparent. Why build a
blogging system on top of another blogging system?


Re: Help needed

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  Well I totally agree with your point. But let me first tell you what
I want in the long run.
1)  I have three blog at blogger. What I want to do is that I want to
get all the feeds and present the as one categorized blog. There is no
way to categorize posts in

2) Just of fun.

I just want to know if anybody has tried something like this before and
share his ideas if he is willing.


Re: Help needed wrote:
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Oh, sounds like a good idea. The categorizing could apply to newsfeeds
or just websites as well.

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Say no more. :)

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I havent seen one, although havent been looking either.

My first thought was (if you dont want to start from scratch) that you
could start out with a system that allready has the feature of entries,
  categories and perhaps navigating (e.g. like a shopping system), which
I think would be easy to find, and then add a rss-feed collection and
feed importer type of plugin.

Just a thought. Perhaps the alterations needed would be more work than
writing from scratch.


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