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I hope some one can help me, at least give me a little direction.

I have the need to insert many records into the same table at once.
Not very many data points (<5), but many (30+) records.  Not being a
PHP guru, I am at a loss as where to start.  Really I am a PHP
neophyte.  Though I am a quick study and REALLY need to know how to do

Please Help!


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Make one insert for each SQL line you want to insert, this way you can track
what went wrong if something would go wrong.

Of course you can use the ; to make a really long SQL statement, but you will
_NOT_ be able to find out what went wrong if something goes wrong.
INSERT INTO table(user,age) VALUE('tom','10'); INSERT INTO table(user,age)

If you do not know how to use sql from PHP, then you should take a look at the
following page (assuming you are using mysql):


Re: HELP. Multi-Record Insert

INSERT INTO `graph_apps` (`app_id`,`name`) VALUES





One insert statement. Use commas. As I saw in a previous post, there is a  
30-second limit probably imposd on the server, and a 1MB query limit also  
probably imposed on the server. If its your own box, you can probably tweak  
that out.

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Re: HELP. Multi-Record Insert

The php timeout can be set with set_time_limit if the server is not  
running in secure mode. I didn't see a time limit on MySQL.

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