HELP! installing php5.1.4 for mysqli

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I'm trying to get the mysqli object-oriented syntax to work in php. I  
understand that I have to have at least version 5 of php - I've  
therefore opted for version 5.1.4. The remainder of my setup is as follows

php 5.1.4
mysql 4.1.10a-2.RHEL4.1
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4

To be able to configure and compile the source of php to work with  
mysqli, I've had to add the following packages:

flex (2.5.4a-33 found with apt-get install flex)
bison (1.875c-2 found with apt-get install bison)
apxs (apt-get install http-devel [2.0.52-12.2.ent])
libxml2 2-2.6.24 (only 2-2.6.16 available via apt-get)
     apt-get remove libxml2
" "

     make install

However, make tests results in a lot of errors as follows:
file:///etc/xml/catalog:1: parser error : Document is empty ^  
file:///etc/xml/catalog:1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not  
found ^

mysql header files (apt-get install mysql-devel [4.1.10a-2.RHEL4.1])

source of php-5.1.4 obtained from:
     wget " "

and rebuilt with
     ./configure --with-mysql --with-apxs2=/usr/sbin/apxs
     make install

When I've finished this and rebooted the machine, the phpinfo test  
command doesn't bring up the PHP information page as I would hope (it  
just echoes the "<?php phpinfo(); ?>" command to the screen).

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong (or what I've missed out)?


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