help: how to organize collaboration to write PHP code?

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I'd like to write a web-application with other people.
It is the first time I write code together other person.
I'd like to ask you some advices:
1)have an advice?
2)wich program to use for VCS (for windows)?
3)how to organize the work?

Thank you in advance,

Re: how to organize collaboration to write PHP code?

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well, different people, will have different needs and solutions, here is how
I usually work. The team typically consists of:

-html designer (or two)
-few programmers
-translator (s)

first we set up cvs thaht will be accessible to all of us. Usually this
means server hosted somewhere on the internet, and we connect by ssh.On
windows machines we use TortoiseCVS for cvs related stuff.

Further for development we use TemplateTamer, in which designer gets his
directory with html files, and he is pretty much free to do whaever he wants
with them, and for most of the changes he just needs to commit his stuff
when modifed. If there are some huge structural changes, that he needs to
communicate that to the programmers so they could adopt the structure of
their code.

Programers also get their directory where php logic files are stored. Work
between programers is usually divided as follows:

- lead programer does general classes, typically page class that gets
inherited by all pages on the site. This class will have logic for basic
session management, basic outline, menues, banners, and similar stuff. On
more refined site, he will create a few of those cornerstone classes, for
instance one for the simple user pages one for the admin, and so on.

- additional programers usually get a number (of usually related) pages to
work on. They inherit general class, and add specific stuff for that page

And lastly, translators get their file with translations and they commit it
as needed.

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Re: help: how to organize collaboration to write PHP code?

On Windows MS Visual SourceSafe is reasonably good.

As for how to organize the project, that really depends on the people
on the team. At my workspace we have a fairly egalitarian system. Each
programmer has a part of the site that he/she is responsible for. When
something breaks, the person who wrote the code takes the blame.

Re: help: how to organize collaboration to write PHP code?

On Mon, 18 Apr 2005 15:10:30 +0200, _andrea wrote:

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Communication is key!  *Talk* to each other! Do not work in a vacuum.

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