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I just got MySQL, Apache, and PHP installed on a Win2K box.  Latest
versions, downloaded from their appropriate sources about a month ago.
 I've confirmed both MySQL and Apache are working.  PHP doesn't seem
to be working, if I do a fairly standard <?phpinfo(); ?> I get
nothing.  I've based my installation off of the Sams book Teach
Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache in 24 hours.

My gut is saying that it's probably in Apache.  It has the correct
configuration information based on the book and comes up with the
standard Apache splash screen if you open a browser to .  My guess is, based on the fact that I have no idea
where the PHP files that I am writing should go, that it might be
related to the document root, but I don't know how to configure it.

Help me, Mr/Ms Wizards!

Re: Help for a newbie

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You can read the INSTALL.TXT that is included in the file.

It's possible that the document says to copy php4apache.dll to
%win%/system(32) but it's obvious you should use php4apache2.dll

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Re: Help for a newbie

Wayne wrote:
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<?php phpinfo(); ?>

This works regardless of your configuration.
Your example works only with a specific configuration option set, namely
short_open_tags (or something similar, I'm typing this by heart).

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Re: Help for a newbie

I noticed that Message-ID:
the following:

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Base it on and have it running in ten minutes

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