Help - Files created in PHP not viewable via FTP

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I'm a bit of a newb, so bear with me folks..

I've created a simple web app for users to upload images, which are
then copied to a web directory using the PEAR HTTP_Upload library
(which uses move_uploaded_file()). Once copied, I'm setting the mode of
the files to 0666, so they should be read/writable by any user. When I
request the files by HTTP or in another PHP script, they show up fine.
However, the files do not show up in a FTP client. No funky .filenames
here, just a uniquely generated name like 27298429292d74ee94.jpg.

Unfortunately, the hosting site I have to use only allows FTP access. I
can't get in via telnet or SSH to check if the files are viewable using
those methods.

Any ideas why the files aren't showing up via FTP? Thanks for any

Re: Help - Files created in PHP not viewable via FTP

If you request the file manually by typing in GET <filename> <saveto> does
it download?

If so, your directory permissions are wrong. IF not, check what the
directory is set to, and try setting it to 666, or failing that try 777 to
see if that works at all.

- Ali

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Re: Help - Files created in PHP not viewable via FTP

If I request the file manually, I get a "550 Permission denied" error.
However, the persmissions of the file are 0666, and the permission of
_every_ directory above it are 0777. (I realize that only the parent
directory matters, but I'm trying anything at this point.) I've
verified the directory permissions through the FTP client, and the
actual file permissions through a PHP script.

Any other suggestions?

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