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I am using a form that uses php code.

On it I have the following radio buttons.

<td width="250" valign="top">
Choice1<input type="radio" value="FV1 140km - 300kr" name="fardvag<?= $dna  
?>"  ><br>
Choice2<input type="radio" value="FV2 88km - 280kr" name="fardvag<?= $dna  
Choice3<input type="radio" value="FV3 35km - 160kr" name="fardvag<?= $dna  
Choice4<input type="radio" value="TOM" checked name="fardvag<?= $dna ?>" >

Is there any php code that I can use that will display a help bubble text  
over each of the four choices.

If it can not be done with php can anyone point me a more appropiate  

Thanks for any help

Garry Jones

Re: Help Bubble


Check out and this
will give you the Javascript to do so.  PHP is a server side language
so it will not be able to actually manipulate the code.  You can print
the Javascript using PHP but you will need Javascript to make it appear
and disappear.  I use Popup Information Box II and III for my projects.


Re: Help Bubble

Garry Jones wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

These are generally refered to as tooltips and are implemented on the
browser in javascript - so you're right in thinking this is OT. I like
DomTT for generating these see

If you're going to keep asking question you might find this article helps
you to get better responses:


Re: Help Bubble

Garry Jones wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Php works on the server, so it can not do this.

The simplest way I know is to use some basic HTML. Put title="help  
bubble text" within in each <input ...>. Users will have to hover over  
the actual radio button to get the help bubble.

If you want people to see it when hovering over the word "Choicen," too,  
put it and each radio button within a div and put the title attribute in  
the div tag.

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