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I want to use PHP to process input from a form,
How can I do it?  

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I can't write and read to/from my file on IP .What is going on.


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Please ask a complete question.

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probably have access error after runing  script

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Yes e.g .Permission denied in

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This normally means that the webserver does not have permission to the
file.  2 ways of doing this.

1) Find out what the web server user is and set it as the file group or
2) chmod the file to world writeable. (may be the easy way but the least

So basically:
In a shell (that is if you have one, if you don't see step 2) all one line:
chown yourusername:webserver /home/

step 2 is:
chmod 0777 /home/
(you can also do this in an FTP client).


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I guess I'm not sure what you're asking.  But if you're asking where to  
start, it's pretty easy.

Set the action= in your FORM statement to point to the file containing  
the PHP.  That file will then get control when the user clicks on the  
submit button.

Once you get control, the values from the form are in either $_GET or  
$_POST global arrays, depending on whether your method was get or post.

Is this what you're looking for?

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Jerry Stuckle wrote:

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  A better place to start is to just look at all of the available examples  
in the docs

Another is google...

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