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Dear group,

This is more of an http-related question and therefore a bit off-topic.

I am working on a page that processes a posted XML structure. My problem
is that I want to know what encoding it is posted in, and I do not want
to rip that out of the XML itself (that would be like trying to break
into a safe to get the possibly incorrect key).

My problem is that none of my tested browsers (Firefox, IE7 and Safari)
sends a header stating what encoding the text is submitted in if I test
it with an HTML form. However, if I change the "viewed" encoding, the
submitted data is encoded in the encoding I selected for viewing. So
far, I cannot see any clue how the server could know how to treat the
data. Mind you, the real page will be called without a form being
displayed first, so the server cannot use "the same encoding the form
was in". However, the server accepts more than one encoding (and says so
in a header), so at least the browser test should tell the server which
one was used.

As this is the preliminary phase of a project, I do not know what
software will make the real requests and therefore cannot test it yet.

Is there any way to see what encoding a client uses to post data?

Thanks in advance,
Willem Bogaerts

Application smith
Kratz B.V.
http://www.kratz.nl /

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