Have you ever considered of mousing ambidextrously?

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I'm also a programmer, as working in front of computer day and day, my
right hand is so tired and get some pain. So I tried to mouse in both
hands. I find that it is really an efficient way to release pains. At
first I switched the mouse buttons in windows control panel, but it
taken me several steps to finish it, and I can't flip the cursor, so I
made a utility. With it I can switch mouse buttons and flip the cursor
immediately by pressing a hotkey. I gave it a name: "Ambidexter Mouse",
do you want to have a try: www.ambidexter-mouse.com

(Some people asked me, "Why does it take an executable of 1.3 MByte
to draw two buttons and make one system call? I will say, I used the
SoftwarePassport www.siliconrealms.com to add a shell for my product)

Re: |OT| Have you ever considered of mousing ambidextrously?


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  Another way to ease pains is to take a long soak in a hot bath.  If
you can turn the taps off with either foot you are aquadextrous.  BOOM


Re: Have you ever considered of mousing ambidextrously?

If you are having pains from keyboard/mousing - STOP.  You will
permanently damage your hands over time, otherwise.

If you don't want that pain, here are some suggestions:
 - Fore arm rests. These are probably the most important. These are arm
rests that clamp onto the desk and you rest your forearms in.  Unlike
chair arm rests, you are suppose to keep your arms on them even while
typing/mousing.  These have helped me the most, ever since using these,
my back/arm/wrist/hand pains have been gone.  They help keep your hands
up while typing (the proper form), and let you relax your shoulders, so
you aren't tense all day long.
 - Get a mouse with wrist wrist (I prefer the gels)
 - A natural keyboard, they're actually quite comfortable.
 - A comfortable office/rolling chair.  Doesn't have to be expensive,
just something that prevents you from abusing your lower back and keeps
pressure off the underside of your thighs.  I'm using an old cheap
chair i found in storage, and it feels much better than the expensive
'ergonomic' thing i started with.
 - Don't sit such that blood flow is obstructed.  My previous chair was
angled and put pressure on the underside of my thighs, after while my
legs would go numb and tingly.  Made it difficult to get up sometimes
 - Put the monitor at the right height.  This really helps with
preventing neck kinks and pains.

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