Handling of partially completed multi-page forms

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Does anyone have any suggestions, info or references on script/code that
would enable partially completed multiple page forms that can be saved,
  retrieved and completed at a later date.


Re: Handling of partially completed multi-page forms

I have a similar situation, I haven't done it yet, but I plan to store
the results of each page in the session variables and save to mysql
database when a save button is pressed which is also at the bottom of
each page.

Prev & next submit buttons will go to the respective pages and the save
will save to mysql, and the whole thing will loop back on the same
page, so depending on the variable depends on which form is display.
Does this Make sense to you.

Re: Handling of partially completed multi-page forms

jewison wrote:

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Yes, it does make sense I had a similar idea but had wanted to avoid
reinventing the wheel, so was looking around for an off the shelf item,
open source or otherwise (if reasonably priced).

My idea was:
The user fills in a preliminary set of data that is entered into a
"temporary" table in the MYSQL DataBase.
On returning & continuing, the user fills in data that enables the
identification of his/her previous entries in the database. The DB
entries are read and the appropriate (previous or preliminary) fields
are populated.

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