handling 64 bit ints in php

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    My platform is Solaris 2.11 on x86, amd64 actually.

    I'm working with a product that requires 64-bit values be returned
as ints. Php 5.2.5 however returns this as a float. Is there some
option I can twiddle to change this?? Is it a matter of just casting?
It didn't seem to do the job. I can re-build source if necessary

    I posted to php.dev as well, but it seems there is more spam than
information on that group.


Re: handling 64 bit ints in php

Sandman said:
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Try the big_int package from pecl: http://pecl.php.net/package/big_int

It worked for me in a similar case.

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Anthony Levensalor

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