(H) in line breaks

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I have a cell phone with full internet access.  I have an HTML page
that I wrote specifically for use on my cell phone.  It uses PHP's
fopen() to open files on my server and then displays the contents of
the file I opened using a <textarea>.  This allows me to update my site
from my cell phone.
It works fine from a browser on my computer, but when I use it to open
a file from my cell phone, all the line breaks are preceded by this
character that looks like a copywrite symbol, but with an (H).
Extended ASCII 233 according to http://www.asciitable.com .  I write
the pages in Dreamweaver MX initially, which gives me a few options
about how to write line breaks (either for Linux, Windows, or Mac; CR,
LF, CR LF) but I need my files to work on all three of my operating
systems, since I use a Mac a home, a PC at school, and my server is
I'm guessing that my computer is writing CR LF and my cell phone is
interpreting it using a different character set where 233 means this
(H) thing instead of CR.  But how can I get rid of these characters?
Possibly, could I use PHP to check the user-agent of the client to find
out whether it's a cell phone, then replace all CRLFs with just LFs?
And would I need to put them back in afterwards?  If so, how?

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