gzopen - SSL: fatal protocol error ?

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I have a set of Php scripts that run on my home PC (Windows XP- Apache 2  
- Php 4.4.1) that reads my web sites' daily Apache access log file (a  
gzipped file) on the remote server (Linux/Apache/CPanel), and inserts  
the entries into a database on my PC.  I use gzlib to open the gzipped  
file on the remote server.  This script has been working fine for months  
(nearly a year).  

Today, without changing anything, I got a new error message (fatal?**)  
that I have never gotten before (** the script seems to work anyway).

Warning: gzopen(): SSL: fatal protocol error in .....\read_logfile.php  
on line 76
(sub "......" with a real path on my PC)

Line 76 is:
$fp = gzopen($logfile, 'rb');
Where $logfile =

(sub "username, password, theserver and domain" for real values).

The remote server just had a major upgrade (Perl upgrade, MySQL upgrade,  
Php4 to Php5), but I don't know how that could be the problem, as the  
error is generated on my home machine.

Any ideas what this means ... and how to fix it?

 Chuck Anderson • Boulder, CO

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